Just being happy – Live your brilliance!

You want…

to enjoy just being you
express yourself to the fullest
live your life by your own design
feel balanced, connected and in the flow
unfold your talents, your uniqueness and grow
bring positive energy and joy to the world
and experience the good life

to be curious and playful
focus on progress and all positive
leave obstacles behind you
make your dreams come true
change what you want to leave in the past
move towards an even brighter future
and be happy with who and what you are

just being happy
being your brilliant, unique self

just being happy wants…

to share the passion for personal growth and happiness

to share new insights, research and perspectives
bring people together who embrace personal growth
who know that change is up to each and everyone of us
that happiness is the result of our own choices
and that a happy person also contributes to a happy world
to a life in a world to enjoy

because together is so much easier than walking the path alone
because together we know so much more than individually
because together it’s more inspirational and much more fun
to explore new dimensions, to dream a new life, to participate in a new world
to experiment and shift and to stay on track when the going gets tough
because everyone has wisdom and experience that is valuable
and can shine a light on the path of others

just being happy
wants to share and to create the space for you to do the same

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30 days of focus on happiness  or   Mindfulness Meditations

Your  happiness is defined by YOU

There are no standards to fulfill. There is nothing to reach. There are just as many ways to live a happy and fulfilled life as there are people in the world.

I don’t have a paint by the numbers formula. I am an authority, but only when it comes down to my own life. Yet I can share my perspective and my experiences. Experiences that are gained in a life of guiding people to reach for their dreams.

Some of my ideas may inspire you to see your own path through life more clearly. Some of the resources may help you to reach your vision more easily or quicker. I know I will learn from you along the way ahout what I should focus upon to open new gates for you. Isn’t this and exciting idea?

Because our lives will always shift and change. We will always dream the next stage. And then go out and travel towards it. When we are on track, it’s great to have companions. When the going gets tough, it’s invaluable to have others to encourage us, to support us, to go the extra mile with us.

True growth comes from inspiration

We are an inspiration to others like they are an inspiration to us (even if they point out what we don’t want, we have gained more clarity). That’s why sharing is so valuable.

Like we learn from others, they can learn from us. We all have been in different places, have different tools and resources, have found our paths by climbing over rocks. Sometimes it’s great when there is someone who can show us how they did it. That can be someone with great wisdom and experience. It can be an elderly person or a young child. We never know in advance where the good things come from…

Just being happy started as a place to share my thoughts with some friends. I had no intention to let it grow into the direction it is taking now. But life knew. Life sometimes knows more about us than we do… :-)

That is also part living a happy, successful and fulfilling life: to follow the trail of inspiration. Our own inspiration. Not the inspiration that is defined by others. Not the vision that others have for us. Our own vision.

We are in charge of our own happiness

That is not as easy as following the breadcrumbs others lay out for us. It requires responsibility for our own life and happiness. It says we cannot blame others when things go wrong. We are in charge, we cannot outsource our happiness and success.

It is also very, very fulfilling. It is all about a life well lived. And guess what? By doing that there is one more inspirational and happy person on earth. Which highly contributes to a happy humanity and a happy and peaceful world. That kind of selfishness is really altruism…

So what do you decide? Do you want a paint-by-the-numbers life? Do you want the pre-printed canvas and the standard colors with the task to paint between the lines? Or do you want to be the artist with the empty canvas and bottles of paint with which you can mix any color you want?

What you can find here

If you choose the first, you may find some things on this website. Because I share things that worked for me or others and you can take that, implement it and benefit from it.

If you choose the latter, you will love this website. Because even though there are things to explore in every article on this website, you know that YOU are the one who picks the cherries. (I do my best to make all of my content cherries, but only you know which ones to take.)

Yes, there will be information, courses and guides. They are never meant to tell you what to do. They aim to bring you more clarity, so that you can see your trail better. Or they guide you to acquire specific skills or procedures that can be helpful. As said, no painting by the numbers, no recipes. Instead you’ll find tools and resources that inspire you to tap into the wisdom that you already have inside. We will be mining for your diamonds.

butterflies just being happy

Will we meet?

I’d love to meet you. To hear about your unique life. To learn from you. To find out how you live your brilliance and how I can add some sparks to that. To give you a space to share your experience an wisdom (coming in the course of 2017). To give you an opportunity to meet each other.

I cannot reveal all plans yet. Some things need to be explored and organized a bit further before I can share them.

What I do know: You are the reason for this website. (Okay… You and my joy of sharing and bringing people together…) So I would LOVE to hear your ideas. What would you want me to cover? What is it that you seek and haven’t found elsewhere? How can I make just being happy a place where you love to come, because it benefits you, because it brings you joy?

Contact me and tell me what you’d love to explore next. Or share your ideas for this website. I am always open for new things and cooperation. So I’d love to hear from you!

We are preparing the next steps in the development of just being happy. Big changes planned for Spring/Summer 2018. I will leave you guessing for now. It will be great fun and I just know you’ll love it :-)

If you want to be among the first to know about the exciting upcoming changes, simply fill out your email and you are covered – I will also send you the workbook with 7 powerful One Minute Mindfulness Meditations for free!


Of course we respect your privacy. Your email is safe with us. We don’t share it with others and you can easily unsubscribe if you don’t feel we add value to your life.

Enjoy the mindfulness exercises, enjoy the website. And if you like what you see, please share it with others so that they can benefit as well.

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Margot van Aanholt – Founder Just Being Happy

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Enjoy your stay!

I’m sorry that I cannot offer you a cup of tea or coffee. You may want to make one yourself and have a little “Tea Time is Me Time” moment…

And if you have any questions, feedback or ideas or if there is anything I can do for you, simply contact me.

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