About Just Being Happy

Happy you! – Happy me! – Happy we!

Margot van AanholtThat picture… yes, it is a bit unusual for an about page. And at the same time: it says it all. This is the essence of me and the essence of what I love to share with you and love to meet in you – or help awaken and deepen! This is what it is about:

  • the deep joy for life, the connection with the people around us
    (see me connect to the person behind the camera)
  • the curiosity, the creativity and the drive to explore
    (yes, that really is a bucket on my head)
  • the wisdom of books in the background
    and the radio as symbol of communication
    (there is so much that we can share and can learn from each other)
  • and above all the happiness of being authentically who we really are,
    totally immersed in the moment, expressing my essence
    (we are all so beautifully special – and we all deserve to live that)

Expressing happiness through our unique gifts

Happines to me means living our own authentic life from the inside out. It is unfolding our true talents and unique potential to the fullest. It is exploring and expanding. Together. There are so many ways to do that.

My life and career blessed me with profound experience as a teacher, trainer, coach, author, speaker and publisher*. This has taught me how to use my own skills and talents to support others to unfold theirs – joyfully, creatively and always expanding. Everyone is beautifully different and complete. Our world needs those differences.

Unfortunately our society often focuses on lack, seeming imperfections or having people fit in into rigid systems and procedures. Let’s get rid of that limited world view. We are all valuable and should shine in our own ways. Let’s mine for our potential! I know some ways and I know some people that know some other ways. No one has all the wisdom alone. We have the wisdom together.

Let’s mine for our potential! Get rid of limitations and release your magic!

What you’ll find on Just Being Happy

With this website and the products and coaching programs that are already available and in the making, I intend to open doors for you to places that you may not have yet visited, so that you can explore your own unique brilliance to the fullest and live a happy, fulfilling and amazing life.

I will introduce you to people with great talents and services that can support you in your explorations, guide you with their wisdom, answer questions you may have and be there with you and for you in your expansion.

Bringing you in contact with each other is another big dream and a big goal… since we all have a valuable perspective to share.

That makes our pesonal world peaceful and balanced: You happy, I happy, we happy – a great foundation for a happy world!

Happiness is contageous!

Let’s meet! 

Let’s meet. Truly meet. Come play with me! Start with picking one of these gifts. You will enjoy it and get on our enail list, so that you don’t have to miss anything of what the future holds! (And please check the sidebar to see how else you can play with us!)

Mindfulness Meditations

30 days of fous on happiness

Margot van Aanholt – Just Being Happy 

Just Being Happy is a project of Just Bloom | die blauwe GiRAFFE – find all details here.

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*publisher: founded die blaue GiRAFFE in Germany and die blauwe GiRAFFE in The Netherlands

*author: writes children’s picture books and concepts for those, writes books on personal development, business development and creativity, co-authored mathematic books for the European Schools

*teacher: taught in Kindergarten, primary schools, secondary schools and in education for adults

*trainer and speaker: was teacher-trainer for Teach First Deutschland and guided many in professional workshops around teaching and creative expressions and loves to inspire via talks and broadcasts

*coach: works as a coach for authors and those who want to take their expertise, passion or business online

*totally curious to find out whether we can work together!