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better and better or seize the daySome time ago I got the invitation to write an article for a magazine. The topic of the magazine was “A better day”. The following short article is what came out of it. Since I received many positive responses to these words, I though I’d share this article here. Aren’t we all focused on “better and better” from time to time?

Is tomorrow worth waiting for?

As I got the invitation to write about the topic “A better Day”, I immediately knew what it would be about. A perfect opening followed by information that can support everyone that searches for “better and better” popped into my mind within seconds. The excitement of sharing some of my best tips to lighten up every day – even one that is already bright – made me grasp pen and paper to jot down a first raw version.

What I wrote was nice. But after reading it, I noticed there were still some sparks missing. So I decided to let it rest. “Tomorrow will be a better day to finish this than today. Let me sleep on it.” That’s what I thought.

The second day I wrote a new article. My fingers moved over the keyboard in great speed and I was really content with the result. Until I counted the words. It was much longer than the guidelines told me I was allowed to write. After editing the article was okay, but not at all what I wanted. Fortunately there was still time: “Tomorrow will be a better day to write than today. By then I will have fresh ideas.” That’s what I thought.

The pattern

Are you seeing a pattern here? It’s the pattern of a perfectionist, some say with a smile – and that sounds like a compliment. It’s fear of failure, others state with concern – and that sounds like they are pointing out a flaw. It’s something that has been quite familiar to me in the past. Nowadays I notice it, when I fall into this trap again. Then I laugh and change my course. Like I do now… For the better – not tomorrow, but right here, right now. Whether it has to do with writing an article, how I spend my time, how I feel about life or respond to what happens.

Consider this

  • How often do we postpone things and wait for a better day to start or finish the things we know are important to us?
  • How often do we want tomorrow to improve upon today, to help us feel better?
  • How often do we think that tomorrow brings more opportunities, joy, happiness, results, love or success than today?
  • How often do we let life pass by, because we think life will “really” start tomorrow, when the perfect conditions will be in place?

Since I’m aware of this “tomorrow-phenomenon” I have seen it in friends, family, students, clients and business partners.

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Two simple questions that can make a difference today

I often share with them my two simple questions that help me make today the wonderful day that tomorrow promises to be.

  1. What do you REALLY choose to do today? DO IT and leave the rest. Everything you do extra is a bonus, a gift to yourself. (By the way: be realistic!).
  2. Ask yourself this question a couple of times a day: “Am I content about the way this day is flowing?”
    • If the answer is yes, enjoy this awareness and be grateful – that makes you feel even better.
    • If the answer is no, look for one way to change things – as simple as possible – and then make the change. It gives you a great boost to know that you have the power to influence the quality of your day.

Focus is a magical word. Whatever we focus upon expands. So if you decide to have better and better days, you are well on your way to create them for yourself and for everyone around you.

Have the best day ever! – Margot

NB The magazine is not available anymore.

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  1. Virginia says:

    Margo: well stated with your examples that living today, doing things that bring you pleasure and fulfillment, is the best way. While we may not always succeed, I try for two things a day that fall into that category. You DO have the power to influence your day.

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