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  • celebrate-what-you-want-to-see-more-of
  • celebrate-who-you-are
  • every-smile-is-a-celebration-of-the-soul
  • I-celebrate-myself-walt-whitman
  • life-celebrates-life
  • singing-is-like-a-celebration-of-oxygen-bjork

As I was younger there was a simple song that was pretty popular for a while. It was called “Celebration” and song by Kool and the Gang. The lyrics were not shocking: “Celebrate good times – come on” and “It’s a celebration”. But I loved the song because of the positivity and uplifting effect upon everyone that started to sing along.

It’s a bit like “Happy” by Pharrell Williams. To me these songs show that this is something that is inside all of us and that it wants to come out. Think about it – with these happy songs, everyone wants to join in. And even when they are not really willing to let it all out, most of the time a foot taps, a head swings or people’s fingers drum on their knee… It’s an impulse that’s hard to resist. Sad music or violent words are far less strong…

So, let’s celebrate this week! Seven thoughts to reflect upon and to get inspired by. I wish the feeling that you have a reason to celebrate every minute of your life!

singing is like a celebration of oxygyn Bjork life celebrates life I celebrate and sing myself Walt Whitman every smile is a celebration of the soul celebrate who you are celebrate-our-differences celebrate what you want to see more of

Photo’s 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7 with thanks to gratisography.

Photo 6 with thanks to Dealjumbo.

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Have a day filled with celebrations! – Margot

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2 Responses

  1. Virginia says:

    Margot – I have enjoyed this great series. Your gifts each day were filled with words of wisdom, techniques, hope, trust, and belief in each person to move forward and succeed, with a bit of implementation and follow-through. Thank you. Enjoyed the quotes and photo’s in today’s post.

    • Margot van Aanholt says:

      Thank you, Virginia, for following along with such passion and for your wonderful words. I am really touched by these words “and belief in each person to move forward and succeed…” – you made my day. That is what I work for. I am so happy that that did shine through. Everyone can make dreams come true – it’s just so much easier when someone walks along knowing we can do it, while sharing some tips here and there.

      I have had people telling me that that is diminishing my own role in the process. It is not. Training is easy – just tell others what to do, share a system, give a technique. Helping someone to belief that it is doable or maybe even easy for them, that they can do it, even if things haven’t worked out so far, even when all the odds seem to be against them, even when hurdles may come along the way – that is what education is about, what guidance should do, what the essence of coaching is. Yes, I love to train when appropriate – yet my passion is to help reveal the brilliance that lives inside each and everyone of us. So thank you very much for noticing that!

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