Decorating the cake


the-cake-of-lifeDecorating the cake? Are we going to bake today? Not really, even though it might be a nice idea to cook something delicious.

Imagine life being a cake. A really nice cake, baked with ingredients that are healthy and tastful. A plain and flat cake with no decorations on it. Imagine that everyone gets that same cake at birth and that you get the chance to decorate it the way you like it.

You may make it as high as you want it to be, as colourful as you like, with the flavours you prefer. Of course you may get yourself some suggestions from cake decoraters you adore. Or you can look around and see what others create and know that you de-fi-ni-te-ly don’t want THAT on your cake. But the act of decorating is up to you and you alone. You can pick anything you like. Anything.

And then you may eat the cake. You can eat it alone or you can share some with others if you like. As long as you are not chewing on a piece, you can change the decoration any time. Even the second before you take a bite!

It’s also a magical cake. Because every time you take a bite the cake repletes itself and it looks like a whole, beautiful, untouched cake again.

What a cake! What a life!

I love to look at life like this healthy and beautiful cake that I may decorate myself. And when I look at others, I sometimes imagine what their cake is about, how their cake tastes, what they chose to decorate it with.

I love my cakeAnd I see that some seem to decorate with only one ingredient. They baked a plain cheese cake and eat cheese cake for the rest of their life. Hmm… not my taste, not every day that is. It is also pretty unhealthy, since you might miss some key ingredients that are important to your health. Or I see someone having apples on it and a lot of cream. Or without cream. Others top it with a layer of carrot cake or decorate with colourful icing. I see chocolate cakes and cakes with endless layers. Sweet cakes, savory cakes. Sometimes I think: “Wow!” and sometimes I think: “Ugghh!”

Every now and again I see a cake that is beautifully balanced. Then my heart sings, because I see that person got it. It’s a magical cake, so you can put anything on it. You can put all that tastes well on the cake, all ingredients that help you balance your health and life. You can eat it one bite at the time, so it doesn’t matter that the carrot cake lives next to the cream cake which has the fruit cake part as its neighbour. And since the cake is always whole, you cannot finish a certain flavour, it will always be available. So why not put all that you love on it so that you can have a choice in any moment without having to go back to the kitchen first?

What ingredients make a balanced cake?

When it comes to this metaphor, we all get the picture. Now let’s transfer it back to our own life. Is it balanced? Are all key ingredients on it that are needed for the life we want to live? Do we have a choice what bite we take?

There are several key areas that we would like to have on the cake of our life. So that we can savour it to the fullest, one bite at a time. Here are the key ingredients that I like to have on my cake:

  • The taste of great health
  • The taste of creative expression
  • The taste of abundance
  • The taste of love
  • The taste of relationships
  • The taste of growth and evolution
  • The taste of community and contribution
  • The taste of spirituality

If know the “Wheel of Life” you may recognize the sections, even though I name some differently. I don’t say finances, I choose abundance. I don’t say work, I choose creative expression for example. I won’t go into the differences here, but you may get an idea of that yourself.

Choose YOUR OWN cake

So, what does your cake look and taste like? Do you have a choice out of all the ingredients at any given time? Did you think about the flavors you’d love to have on it? Is there an area you neglected so far? Or do you have it all on your cake, but do you eat from one segment only?

These are questions I love to reflect from time to time. In fact, I have my cake mapped out and look at it at least monthly, when I plan the month to come. That makes me aware of the richness that I can choose from and helps me to explore all of it instead of getting lost in just one area. And even that is fine of course, when it is a choice. Sometimes I really imerge myself in one part to explore it in depth.

I did send a template of the cake to everyone on my e-mail list as I created this post. I didn’t have the time yet to link to it here. If you’d like to have it, shoot me an email and I will send it to you. You may want to take a moment to reflect upon the ingredients of your cake…

As always, I look forward to your feedback, ideas, questions and comments below. If you know someone who could benefit from this article, please tweet, send them the link or share with one of the buttons below.

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Have a wonderful day! – Margot

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6 Responses

  1. Virginia says:

    What a great metaphor for life Margo – I shared with several people. I like that you included the whole cake – not just the icing – and that you can change it at any time.

    • Margot van Aanholt says:

      Every moment is a new moment in which all life is available. That is so powerful. We have a choice where we focus right here and right now. To me this is also a way of saying that the past is a memory that may be swirling in our heads, but we don’t have to eat it again when we don’t put it on the cake any more. That may sound harsh for some that go through a hard time. Yet it may also be the biggest consolation. The past is not on our cake. The design of the future can be chosen any minute. And since all is available, we don’t need to fret over the cakes of others.

      Thank you for sharing. And welcome to all of those that read this and are on this website for the first time. Browse around a bit and take a bite of the ever growing cake that this website is. Enjoy! :-)

      • Virginia says:

        Margo – thanks for adding that bit about not having to eat the past again – so true. A friend I shared this with wrote back and said “Life is a cabaret, my friend..” I think that ties in nicely.

      • Margot van Aanholt says:

        Nicely put. Yet don’t be the performer that performs the same show over and over again :-)

  2. Quadira says:

    Love this idea of the cake of life, Margot! I would love a cake template!

    • Margot van Aanholt says:

      Thank you, Quadira. I send the templates automatically to everyone that asks for the daily reminders for the Calendar (until December 24th). You can sign up in the sidebar on the top left and you will find the link in the email that you will receive tomorrow – together with the next gift, a mini mandala book template. And more to come :-)

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