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  • find-inspiration-cook-something-delicious
  • find-inspiration-be-creative
  • find-inspiration-call-someone-that-inspires-you
  • find-inspiration-go-for-a-walk
  • find-inspiration-read-books-that-inspire
  • find-inspiration-sing-a-song
  • find-inspiration-observe-a-pet

Find inspiration… sometimes it is not enough to dive inside and search through our memories, dreams, experiences or ideas. We feel we need a trigger from the outside to get those inner juices flowing again.

It doesn’t matter whether we want to do something creative or not. We seek inspiration for many things. For writing a poem or for writing a difficult letter. To finally have that so needed conversation or to uplift a friend. For redesigning the garden or cooking a meal for friends. And sometimes it is not that easy to come up with something that get our juices flowing.

Here are seven ideas to find inspiration. Doing something completely different and nourishing can just be the trigger for exactly the right action.

findi nspiration be creative find inpiration call someone that inspires you find inspiration cook something delicious find inspiration go for a walk find inspiration observe a pet find inspiration read books that inspire find inspiration sing a song

As always: share with whomever you think can benefit from some inspirational ideas. And if there is something in this list that resonates with you: act upon it. I believe resonance is our intuiton saying that that is just what we need….

Have an inspired week!


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