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It’s Autumn time! Happy Autumn Time! At least, that is how I feel it to be. The vibrant colours, the rich harvest, the seeds and nuts, the joy of still sunny afternoons, the hidden treasures between the fallen leaves, the cobwebs in the morning mist with the little drops, … my list is long. The smell in the wet woods, playing with the leaves and the wind, an afternoon tea outside, a firepitcorndandelion fall dead wood with leaves happy fall season mushrooms red fall leaves spiderwhen it gets colder, the warm soups, the pumpkins, …

I love it that I live in a place where I can feel the seasons. You may not have that – or live in a place where Spring is about to bloom. I know some of you live at the other side of this beautiful planet.

Today I share with you what is around me in this time of the year and what makes me stop to drink in the beauty and abundance that is all around. Would you like to share what is around you? You can do that below – or for example here on Facebook. Enjoy the season and let it inspire you to experience many beautiful moments!


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