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The Numerology Mindfest

How to easily know your numbers and their meaning

Numbers are fascinating. As soon as we start to play around with them, we’ll find patterns and rhythms. When we combine numbers in specific ways, we get surprises. Look at the pictures for some examples. Amazing, isn’t it?

Since centuries and centuries, people have studied numbers. They found out that they have specific energy vibrations attached to them. Astrology uses the constellations of the stars to understand things better. Numerology uses the energy of numbers.

Did you know each letter of the alphabet has a number value? With that we can even use names and words to tap into the underlying energy?

About the Numerology course

Gordon Taylor Spowart, who died unexpectedly last summer,  was an expert in this field. Luckily he created an in depth course before he passed away. You can now follow his guidance and information for free, starting November 13th. Beware: the recordings will only be available to listen to for a short period of time.

This is what you’ll find out:

  • How your birth date reflects the easiest life path for you.
  • How to see the lessons you’ve learned and the challenges before you.
  • How to uncover dreams lying dormant in your heart.
  • How abbreviating your name, dropping part of your name, or adding a name through marriage can affect you negatively as well as positively.
  • How to see what might be in your future and learn what skills you’ll need to best fulfill your destiny.
  • Discover which dates of the month are best for you to begin projects or sign important documents.
  • Determine whether you are living in the right state or country. Do you belong in the north, south, east, or west? What city harmonizes with your energy? Are you located in the most productive neighborhood, house or apartment for you?
  • Reveal when it might be best to change your career, get married, have children, make important decisions, and take vacations.
  • Highlight days of peak performance so you can utilize your abilities to the maximum potential.
  • You’ll learn a system of prophecy that will help you look nine years into the future. (I was blown away by how accurate it was when I used it to look 9 years in the past.)


Dream Questing – 8 Day Event is over – Recordings still available

In a series of 8 videos Kelly Sullivan Walden took us into the fascinating world of our dreams. The event is over, but just in case you missed it – or if you want to dive in deeper – you can visit the DREAM QUESTING website…

Each video is around 90 minutes, so you’ll learn a lot. This is what they are about:

Video 1 – setting a Dream Declaration. It goes beyond setting intentions and Kelly tells us all about it.

Video 2 – Incubation. This can have a dramatic effect on our dreams. It’s like sitting on an egg… :-)

Video 3 – Enhancement. Kelly shares about enhancing dream recall and transferring recall from short term memory into long term memory. This helps us claim the power of the dream and direct it toward our goals.

Video 4 – Amplifying. About zeroing in on particular piece of a dream and make it sky high. This is something to do when the dream is about achieving a goal.

Video 5 – Activation. How to activate the power of our dreams during our waking life. It’s about taking action toward our goals.

Video 6 – Interpretation. How to interpret our dreams. Kelly shares everything around finding the deeper meaning of dreams.

Video 7 – Re-direction. What do we do about nightmares? Kelly shows us how to turn negative dreams positive and boost positive aspects of all dreams

Video 8 – Transformation. about your transformation, which is what dreaming expert Kelly Sullivan Walden says is the noble goal of dreaming.

This is a powerful series, don’t you think? If you want to get all recordings or dive in deeper, you can find out more about how to do that on the dedicated web page of Dream Questing.


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