Reflect upon your present blessings

Reflect upon your present blessings DickensReflect upon your present blessings, of which every man has many, not on your past misfortunes, of which all men have some.

Charles Dickens wrote those words in his famous A Christmas Carol and I thought about those words this morning.

I used to live in the South of Germany, in a small village with many farmers just around the corner. They had strawberries fields where I could pick the red beauties myself. The asparagus came fresh from their hiding place in the earth to my plate. I knew how the vegetables were grown, I knew  that the eggs were fresh and the chickens could walk around freely.

After a long search I found a nice place not far away from where I live now, where I can get those biological vegetables. Strawberries and asparagus included! I pass that place when I drive from my German to my Dutch office. This morning I went there and as I was on my way home, I felt fantastic. The sun was shining, the grass was green, the sky was blue and the basket on the back seat was filled with yummie and healthy things.

These moments are golden to me. There is so much beauty around us that we often take for granted and do not consciously see. There are so many things going right that we often do not count.

Why is it that we humans often so eagerly focus on the bad? Ok, you’re right. We don’t only focus on the bad. We also share the really, really great things. Like passing an exam or making a next move in our career.

But what about those things that truly define our lives? The big moments are only that: big moments. The bad moments are only the bad moments.

Most of our life is about the ordinary. The wonderful, fabulous, interesting, splendid ordinary. And in this present moment, that is what really counts. We have running water, a place to live, enough tasty food, clothes to wear, cars to drive, tools to make things easier, the internet…

Above all, we have our connections, the people around and nature. Gorgeous, abundant nature that never stops giving. From time to time it is just beautiful to be in this present moment and to focus on the receiving of all those good things. Smiling and filled with appreciation and gratitude.

To me, these moments colour my day. Abundantly.

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