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Simply the best – isn’t that what we all want? No, not better than all the rest… and certainly not stuck on the heart of someone else (for those much younger than I am: this is a reference to Tina Turner’s famous song).

We want that which is the best for us. And in order to live that, it is good to hold in from time to time. To sit down and listen to the voice within that speaks when we give it space to do so. It is good to ask ourselves the question what it is that is the best for us. What defines the best way to express ourselves? What defines the best career, the best relationships, the best environment, the best activities?

The strongest question to me however is: What defines the best day? What will make this very day that I live now simply the best? And then to plan accordingly is so powerful. I must admit, there have been times that I did that more deliberately and with less compromizing to the interruptions than I do it nowadays. And yet I know it so well: when I take those five to ten minutes in the morning it makes all the difference.

be still and listen

Hmm… let me take a minute to ask myself that question. Why don’t you join me and take those powerful five as well?

be here now never forget your dream fairy stories laugh some more go for it simply the best

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