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Do you know that feeling when you look at the calendar thinking: “What, it is the 17th? I thought the month did just begin!” I know I do. Sometimes that is a very good sign, because it means that I am really immersed in my projects and that I am focused and loving what I do. But there are times as well in which time just seems to fly by without much happening.

When I notice that, I start to reflect with a bit more intensity. After all, I don’t want my life to just past by. I want it to be filled with that which is me… So then I take out my questions and look at them a bit more often.

Reflecting is powerful at all times anyway. Moments like these don’t happen that much to me, since I have the habit to take an hour each Sunday to look at the week to come and set my priorities. Highly recommended. One of these priorities is starting my Mondays with writing these weekly inspirations that become a daily inspiration on facebook. That sure helps me stay on track! So thank you for inspiring me to reflect!

Have a great week. If you feel like responding to me, please do! I love to hear from you via the comments, social mediaa fabulous day best use of my time make someone smile fallen petals get things out of my way what are you waiting for what is my gift to life or email. I am especially curous about the power questions you ask yourself.


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