Tea time is me time

tea time is me time“If only I had time for a vacation…” or “My next vacation is three months from today and I need a break right now!” Could one of these senteces come from you? Or is it that you just seem to move from one day to the next without having the time to pause and refresh? Then you may want to implement a new principle: Tea time is me time!

Don’t roll your eyes and say “too short, won’t help”. Because it will. If done in the right way. And even though tea has some benefits that other drinks don’t, you can substitue tea with the drink you like best of course.

Here are some points to consider:

The power of mindfulness

Research shows that it doesn’t take long for the brain and body to relax and unwind. A very short moment is enough to break the pattern and relax the tension. That doesn’t mean getting a cup of coffee, lighting a sigaret and dropping yourself on the couch, saying that is your break. It means to choose for a conscious relaxation of body and mind.

That can be achieved with mindful attention. Being present with all that you are in all that you do. Focus all your observing with all your senses upon that which is actual right here and right now. A warm cup of tea that smells and tastes great can be a fantastic thing to focus upon.

Drink your tea with mindfulness. Smell it, feel the warmth, see the color, taste it, feel how it moves through your body. Do nothing else than focus on your tea, enjoying the moment. If you do it with full concentration, even your mind chatter will subside. The bodily sensations will do the trick for releasing the physical tension.

If you combine this with a deep breath of fresh air while boiling the water and a bit of stretching, the effect will multiply.

The power of repetition

One moment of mindfulness has a great effect upon the next period of time. Yet as with everything: When we only do things once, it won’t help us very much. Every muscle gets stronger with exercise, every skill gets better with training. The same goes for conscious relaxation. We have to do it often in order to benefit in the long run. If we use each tea break as a mindful moment, we will playfully introduce that repetition.

The power of tiny habits

We can say it to ourselves a thousand times: “I want to take more breaks during the day” or “I need to relax more often”. But if we don’t turn it into a habit, it takes a lot of effort to keep that resolution.

This is where the tiny habits shine. It is so subtle that it hardly takes any effort to implement. Yet it is also easy to forget to do it. Who puts: “relax!” in their schedule five times during the work day?

Yet if we combine a new habit with a habit we already have, we can achieve miracles in no time. In the beginning we might need to remember ourselves, but it really doesn’t take long before you have implemented a powerful new habit. Combining drinking tea – what you probably do more than once a day – with relaxation, creates a super-moment for body and mind

If necessary put up a note on the cupboard where you keep your tea or next to the water kettle.
Even better: use a cup with the word “relax” or some other reminder on it!

The power of hydratation

Tea – like water – is a great source of hydratation. And one of the reasons many get tired is because of drinking too little. An additional benefit!

The power of herbs

We have tea in great variations. Black tea, green tea, herbal teas. All bring their own benefits.
Choose a tea that you love and/or herbs that have benefits that align with what you need. There are many lists available. Just google “herbal tea benefits”. I love my ginger tea for example.

There are herbal teas that support relaxation. You could choose chamomile, melissa (lemon balm) or lavender. Before you start drinking herbal teas, please do some research. Some teas are not healthy when you drink them in large quantities and you need to brew your tea the right way.

The power of appreciation

Every time we take a conscious break and focus on relaxation and unwinding the stream of thoughts going on in our heads, we send ourselves a powerful signal. It says: I take a moment that is beneficial to my own well-being. No matter what goes on around me, this is my minute. If nothing of the above would apply, it would still be a very powerful moment. Because it shows self appreciation. And we all know what appreciation does: it raises the energy level of the receiver and it raises the energy level of the giver. In this case, you are both. Imagine…

To summarize – Tea time is me time

Make drinking tea and relaxation a strong team. Turn it into an unshakeable duo. If you do this consciously in the beginning, it will soon become a habit. A very beneficial one. The repetition will show its effect over time and you will soon move through your day in a different way. Your Tea Time really has become your Me Time.

Of course, still take time for a vacation. :-)

Tip: If you share your cup of tea with friends, still stick to your habit. Show them. They may like it! You can always share this message as explanation.

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If you don’t have the “One Minute Mindfulness Meditations” yet, I invite you to download them here for for free. Or you may like to watch this video: Simple Stress Relief Meditation.

Have a relaxing day! – Margot

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2 Responses

  1. Alex says:

    Hi Margot, I like this. I think I can even do it in the office. No one will notice.

    • Margot van Aanholt says:

      Hi Alex, yes you’re right, you can do it without anyone noticing. At the other hand: wouldn’t it be nice if everyone would take these kind of breaks? It could make the atmosphere in the office much more relaxed – and you will probably notice a raise in productivity as well. Yet if you feel uncomfortable, just do it silently. You can always tell them later, when they start to ask you why you seem to be so balanced…

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