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Yes, it is fantastic to dream big and I am a huge fan of that. Without big visions, what fun would this game be? And yet… sometimes we can set up a big trap for ourselves in doing so.

Because often the gap between the vision and the life we live today has a size we cannot bridge in one leap. And then we want too much too soon. As in from chaotic to totally organized. Or from stressed out and overwhelmed to calm and peaceful. As in… well, you can find your examples. Just think New Year’s resolutions. :)

Even though sometimes a big shift in a split second is the best option, it also has a “dangerous” side. If we don’t fulfill the high expectations we have of ourselves, giving up may be just around the corner. Waiting for the moment to grab us and drag us back into our old and comfortable habits.

Here is where the power of the tiny habits comes in. Over time they can work miracles. Some lift our energy immediately, some show the profound changes they bring later. Sometimes it looks like something, well, tiny. Yet don’t underestimate them. Think about it… What if instead of rushing off to work, you would rise 5 minutes earlier and eat an apple instead of buying something sweet at the train station… Looks like nothing spectacular. Until you do it.

So what is your favorite new tiny habit?

If you know someone who could benefit from this reflection, share this message with them! Tiny action… :-)

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