Valentine’s Day – Day of Appreciation

Valentines DayValentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day… don’t you feel it’s great to honor all those special people in our lives? I do. Everyone feels good with special attention. So let’s give that as often as possible, especially to the people that have such a big role to play on our journey through life.

Valentine’s Day is just commerce?

I have often heard that it “is all about commerce”. No, it is not! It is about us and how we interact with our environment. We do celebrate birthdays, don’t we? And what about special holidays and New Year? We go great lengths to turn those days into days to remember. I see no harm in having one day of the year to focus on our relationships, do you? If it is all about commerce, then it is us who turn it into that. No one told us that there must be expensive gifts or exquisite dinners involved. Of course we can do that, but the spirit of Valentine’s day that lived through the ages is the spirit of appreciation.

Showing appreciation

We can show appreciation in many ways. The ways that will be remembered for a long time are the ones with the personal touch. No jewelry can compare to the bracelet that my love weaved for me out of daisies. The latest bestseller with thousand pages does not touch my heart like a one line love letter. No expensive dinner in a fancy restaurant smells like the pancakes baked for me for breakfast… That is how I feel it.

Yes, gifts have their place and it is wonderful to be surprised with them. But on  Valentine’s Day? I do not like the prefab cards with “I love you” already printed upon them. I’d rather find a sticky note with the same words on my bathroom mirror in the morning. How about you?

So what creative way to show your appreciation will you come up with? What way of interaction fits to your relationship? What would your love truly love to hear from you, to see you do, to celebrate with you? If you – even after long and hard thinking – have no clue at all, then read this page: Valentine  present ideas.

roseAppreciation is great for everyone

A sign of appreciation – why limit it to this one special relationship? Valentine’s Day could be renamed into “Appreciation Day” if you ask me. That is what we all can give – a little more conscious appreciation…

Who will you surprise today?


If there is no special one

If you are single and love it, I celebrate with you. Yet I know there are many people single that would love to have a special relationship in their life. It may feel as if some unknown force is holding you back. And that may very well be true. Sometimes there are blocks between what we want and what we experience. They can be hard to identify and then it is great to have some expert support.

Kathy Girija McNamara is a highly praised and recognized coach and specialist in Resonance Repatterning and Coherence. She can help you identify your nr. 1 block to love – and to find ways to clear it.

If you feel this may help you, don’t hesitate to contact me so that I can tell you how to get in touch with her. You can e-mail me at:





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