Vision Mission Values


To know that we have the happiness within us that brings peace to ourselves and peace to the world. We are that happiness. We are that peace.

  • Each and everyone of us is beautiful and complete beyond our imagination.
  • When we truly know that, we have the freedom to be who we really are.
  • Then we will find our unique way of expressing the powerful force of creation.
  • When we live this authentic life, we experience the happiness that we are to the fullest.
  • A happy person is peaceful. A happy person inspires. A happy person smiles.
  • Peaceful people create a peaceful world. Inspired people make dreams come true. A person that smiles connects and sees the beauty in others.

Happiness is the true power behind positive change.



To evoke the smile of happiness – on the face and in the heart of everyone we touch.

In order to achieve that we collect, share and offer

  • inspiration, experience and insights
  • resources and information
  • strategies, techniques and tools
  • programs, training and coaching

to contribute to, to support and to enhance the experience of living a fulfilling life. So  that we all may go through life expressing and enjoying our unique selves – happy and with a contagious smile on our face.


Happiness  to know that happiness reveals itself to us when we allow ourselves to be who we truly are. It arises in the moment. To be committed to the happiness of the moment and to finding resources that support that commitment. To know that happiness is contagious and to share so that others may benefit.

Authenticity – to live our truth and core values and to appreciate the uniqueness of everyone we meet. To support authentic living and unique expression.

Respect – to recognize the beauty, wealth and importance of diversity in human expressions and to meet everyone with sensitivity, an open heart and mutual respect. To contribute to mutual respect and self-respect.

Empowerment – to know that everyone is innately powerful and uniquely gifted. To open up possibilities for everyone to reveal and express their power and uniqueness.

Quality – to be and find the highest value and quality for everything we share. To only offer and share the best we can find and/or create.

Inspiration – to know that true inspiration comes from the inside and that a fulfilling life is lived from the inside out. To inspire to find the inspiration within.

Innovation – to persue new ideas that can contribute to creating positive shifts in the world. To open up possibilities to share them with others so that they may benefit or build upon it.

Expansion – to know that expansion is a natural drive. To offer resources and perspectives that support personal expansion and a peaceful expansion of humanity.

Togetherness – to be truly aware that no one lives alone, that we are social beings and meant to interact, to share and to support each other. To know that the flow goes in two directions. To have the willingness and openness to give all the best we can and to receive in appreciation the gifts that others have for us.



 Just Being Happy is a part of the Just Bloom Project, started by Margot van Aanholt