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This is what we are looking for:

  • 100% original content that has not been and will not be published elsewhere
  • article length preferably 750-1000 words, not over 1250 words
  • well researched yet pragmatic or from your personal experience
  • a personal touch through examples
  • a combination of entertainment and education, at best with visuals

Your article will bring one or more of the following benefits to our readers: 

  • insights in latest research or development
  • practical suggestions for implementation of valuable concepts, theories or wisdom
  • new tools or techniques that support or enhance personal growth, inner balance, life satisfaction
  • the possibility to reflect and/or to engage and interact with others through comments

This is what works well:

  • personal reflections combined with research, tips and results
  • sharing your expertise by making recommendations that contribute to a happy, balanced and fulfilling life
  • pragmatic “how to”-articles with lots of ideas around a specific topic that relates to our vision and mission

Please read through the website and feel that I love a personal touch and an authentic voice.

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